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Montreal Alternative Investment Managers

Montreal Alternative Investment Managers

Montreal alternative investment managers benefit from running relatively smaller hedge funds compared to their American counterparts. In the past two decades, the number of hedge funds based in Canada has increased substantially. Smaller and more nimble than their U.S. and European…

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Growth Investing Vs. Value Investing

Growth Investing vs. Value Investing

Growth investing vs. value investing is a topic that often comes up among the investment public. Investors have a broad menu of investment products to select. Classifications within specific industries like technology and consumer staples are standard. Alternatively, sorting equities…

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Funds Of Hedge Funds In Canada

Funds of Hedge Funds in Canada

Funds of Hedge Funds provide an interesting alternative to investing directly into Hedge Funds. Hedge Funds have become a favorite investment option for high net worth investors in Canada. While there are wealth limit restrictions against the average investor participating,…

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Canadian Hedge Funds Overview

Canadian hedge funds overview

Canadian hedge funds overview. In 2015, Canadian hedge funds enjoyed a successful year, gaining 6.21% while the Canadian Composite S&P/TSX dropped 11.09%. As a comparison, the U.S. S&P gained less than 1% while U.S. Hedge Funds earned a composite average…

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How To Manage Volatility In A Hedge Fund?

How to manage volatility in a Hedge Fund?

In the following video Paul Beattie, partner at BT Global Growth, discusses how to manage volatility in a Hedge Fund. Video transcript The reality is it’s all about managing volatility. That’s what our firm spends the most time on,…

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Why Invest In A Hedge Fund?

Why invest in a Hedge Fund?

In the following video, Paul Beattie, partner at BT Global Growth, discusses the benefits of investing in a hedge fund and the value of adding a hedge fund to an investor's portfolio. Transcript of the video I think Jacques…

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Fees In Asset Management Industry

Fees in Asset Management Industry

The asset management industry has often been criticized for it creativity and innovation in assessing a variety of fees for the investment service provided. In an attempt to simplify the various fees for investors, we provide here an overview of…

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What Is A Hedge Fund?

What is a Hedge Fund?

Make no mistake about it - financial markets are becoming increasingly complex.  So much so that savvier investors are delving into their toolkits in search of unconventional ways of managing their investments. While professionally managed vehicles such as mutual funds…

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