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Alternative Investment Firms In Canada

Alternative Investment Firms in Canada

  • September 12, 2017
  • Blog

Canadian Alternative Investment Firms continues to grow as more high-net-worth individuals and institutions seek new avenues to maximize growth and guard against potential downturns. Strategically managed alternative investments operate beyond the realm of traditional stocks, bond, and money markets. According…

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Macro Investing Strategy In Hedge Funds

Macro Investing Strategy in Hedge Funds

Macro investing strategies available to alternative investment managers. Hedge funds and alternative investments were created to provide investment strategies for high net worth individuals and investment groups to maximize gains while protecting against unexpected market swings and losses. Fund managers…

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Montreal Alternative Investment Managers

Montreal Alternative Investment Managers

Montreal alternative investment managers benefit from running relatively smaller hedge funds compared to their American counterparts. In the past two decades, the number of hedge funds based in Canada has increased substantially. Smaller and more nimble than their U.S. and European…

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What Is Private Equity Investing?

What is Private Equity Investing?

Private equity Investing. To many, private equity firms have a reputation as predators, swooping in to buy solid companies at rock bottom prices, only to break them apart and sell the pieces for profit. To others, private equity companies have…

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BT Global Growth Featured In The Globe And Mail

BT Global Growth featured in the Globe and Mail

  • November 18, 2016
  • Media

The Globe and Mail recently interview Paul Beattie about the company's investment thesis in Red Eagle Mining. We invite you to read the article on the Globe and Mail. If you have any questions about investing in Hedge Funds or Canadian Hedge…

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Growth Investing Vs. Value Investing

Growth Investing vs. Value Investing

Growth investing vs. value investing is a topic that often comes up among the investment public. Investors have a broad menu of investment products to select. Classifications within specific industries like technology and consumer staples are standard. Alternatively, sorting equities…

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Funds Of Hedge Funds In Canada

Funds of Hedge Funds in Canada

Funds of Hedge Funds provide an interesting alternative to investing directly into Hedge Funds. Hedge Funds have become a favorite investment option for high net worth investors in Canada. While there are wealth limit restrictions against the average investor participating,…

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