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It is with considerable pleasure to announce the launch of the BT Global Growth Trust. We are delighted to be able to offer the availability of the BT Global Growth Trust, a soon to be RRSP eligible fund. The Trust will be available to all interested investors.

The BT Global Growth Fund (“Fund”) is unfortunately not RRSP eligible, however the BT Global Growth Trust will soon be. In order to meet the RRSP eligible criteria, we need to achieve the status of a “Mutual Fund Trust” which requires 150 individual investors. We are therefore asking people to enroll, send us the $500.00 and when we reach 150 investors, we will open the Trust to RRSP or Registered accounts. With your help we can get the magic 150 in a few months.


The advantage of this new product allows you to make a tax-exempt investment. It will be eligible under the usual Canadian statutes as well as for RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, RDSPs, TFSAs and DPSPs. The funds from this Trust will flow directly into the Fund, therefore an investment into the Trust is expected to yield undifferentiated returns from an investment into the Fund. The intention of this product is to allow our investors to benefit from BT Global Growth’s historically consistent high returns in a tax-free manner. The Trust is also going to be a very good new initiative for the Fund itself as we effectively create a new long-term and sizeable investor.

How to Invest in the BT Global Growth Trust

Please click on ‘BTGG Trust – Investor Login’ at the top of this webpage. You will then be asked to register as a BT Global Growth user. Once registered you will be able to complete the required forms. All forms will be electronically completed online. The minimum investment for the BT Global Growth Trust is $500.00 and there are no restrictions on the status of investors, unlike the Fund which is for accredited investors only.

Trust Summary & Terms

Trust Inception: April 2021
Minimum Investment: CDN $500.00
Investment Eligibility: Eligible under the usual Canadian statutes as well as for RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, RDSPs, TFSAs & DPSPs
Currency: Canadian Dollars
Management Fees: 1.0%
Performance Fees: 20%, payable quarterly
Hurdle Rate: 5.0% per annum
High Water Mark: Yes
General Partner: BT Advisory Inc.
Portfolio Manager: BT Global Growth Inc.
Investment Date: Last business day of each month at NAV
Lock-up Period: 90 Days
Withdrawal Date: Last business day of each quarter (30 days’ notice)
Administrator: The Investment Administration Solution Inc. (IAS)
Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
FundSERV Accounts : BTA203, Class A / BTA204, Class F

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you in advance for your support for our new endeavour.

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