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BT Global Growth Fund Award 2022We are pleased to announce the BT Global Growth Fund was recognized at the 15th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards that took place on November 22nd, 2022.

Our Fund took home second place for the best 5-year return in the equity focused category. We were edged out from the top position by an energy focused hedge fund, Canoe Energy Alpha Fund LP which returned 109% in 2021. Taking home the silver medal is somewhat ironic as we have a strong preference to invest in silver over gold these days.

The Canadian Hedge Fund Awards program is comprised of 246 Canadian hedge funds, of which the equity focused category is by far the largest with more than 100 funds. The annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards are a quantitative measure, based solely on performance data tabulated by Fundata for up to June 30th, 2022.

We are elated to be a part of a group of hedge funds that are being recognized for their hard work year after year. Our objective is to achieve this similar award for 10-year performance and we are pretty confident that we would be in the running for the 20-year, if such a category existed, based on the fact that we are top decile for the Canadian hedge funds we measure since our inception 17 years ago.

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